Cu3er Post Elements Plugin released

Dec 25, 09 • News • 2 Comments

Today, just for the holiday season, we introduce a WordPress plugin for the popular Cu3er flash component created by Stefan Kovac from ProggressiveRed design studio. The Cu3er is widely used for websites, portfolio pages and presentations. Until now you’d need to buy an expensive theme or try to work your way through the XML files to install it on your WordPress driven site. Those days are gone! Now you can simply install our free Cu3er Post Elements plugin and create your own Cu3er for your site in minutes.

Read more information in our Tools section

If you like cu3er or use our cu3er plugin, please consider working with Stefan on your next flash project or a small donation to the UNICEF fund. They need you.


2 comment(s)

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  1. manoj sadh says:

    only cu3er red logo in showing in wordpress , no images are loading , plz tell me how to recover from this error.

  2. Great plugin, I am going to use it and donate the money ASAP, but could I ask one question: How do I get the background image of the thing do change, does it take an image attached from the post or what way does it work exactly?

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