News Ticker on Steroids

Dec 6, 09 • News • 17 Comments

The new and shiny version 2.0 of the News Ticker is out and you will love it!

Some new stuff we have for this version:

New Javascript

1. First and the most important -  the new javascript handler, which in this release has allowed us to add some extra transition animations for the ticker, like sliding up,sliding left,sliding right and even fade and expand (try it out, you’ll see what I mean), plus eliminated that annoying bug which caused the ticker not to stop on hover.  Another important aspect of this is an ability to add even more transitions and controls for the News Ticker, in the future. Why would we want more, you may ask?! The answer is in the next most important feature:

New Gallery Feature

2. Ability to display images from your selected posts. And yes, this new feature has, in fact, transformed our News Ticker into featured gallery. And it can be displayed absolutely outside the Loop.  Now you can create portfolio pages, featured posts galleries on front page, the possibilities are limitless. Maybe we do need to change the name of this plugin :) News Ticker on Steroids, it is.

I need to emphasize two things concerning the images in news ticker.:

a. The Ticker will display the first image from the posts’ gallery, that is to say, it will only display the attached images, not the images you add directly to the post. The advantage of this tactic is the ability to change and update the images easily by changing the order in the gallery, for instance.

The other advantage is that the image you will display doesn’t even need to be inserted into the post. You may display one image to the ticker and totally another one inside the post. And all that without custom fields. Neat!

b. The image pulled is the full uploaded image, not a thumbnail. You’ll need to remember it while you’re styling the ticker.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can install TimThumb image resizer and resize the images by adding just one line of code.

Styling options

3. Display options have also changed. Now you can select whether to display the Image, the date of the post or the excerpt, and while we are at it you have a more flexible CSS styling ability.

The ticker is now wrapped with id=”news-ticker” and the different spans have classes tickerImage, tickerDate, tickerLink and tickerText. While creating a featured posts gallery for example you’d probably like to float the classes left or right or define a margin between the image and the text.

External RSS

4. The extended RSS feature continues to offer external RSS support, so you can display and external feed, like your Twitter posts, on your blog, in any case the external RSS feature will output the date and the headline of the feed, no image or excerpt support is offered.

One last note before you head to the WordPress Repository to download the plugin:

Since the second version of the News Ticker has changed so many functions and abilities it is highly recommended to uninstall the plugin, delete the News Ticker directory and all it’s files from your server and to reinstall it from scratch.

Hope you’ll love the new version and find it useful.

Happy blogging news-ticker-2


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  1. Is the feed picked up by the search engines?

  2. Roger says:

    Our template uses the wp head function, but all we see is a simple list… As its a prod site, we had to pull the code that inserts the ticker, but do you have any ideas?

  3. Ken Hudson says:

    Hello, I am new to wordpress. Can you tell me in laymans terms were to place the html within my site?

    • Daniel Sachs says:

      Anywhere you’d like. the plugin’s supposed to work outside the Loop. Specifically on your site the obvious place for a news ticker would be right under div class="art-contentLayout", but then again, it depends on a functionality you try to achieve.

  4. Dan Double says:

    Hi, sorry, I cannot do that, it isn’t on a public server. I can give you any information you need, though. Please let me know

  5. Dan Double says:

    I did as you say: Delete the old version, make sure all files are deleted, then do a fresh install of the 2.0 version. But it doesn’t work for me. I always get this JS error:

    jQuery(“#news-ticker”).cycle is not a function

    Please help!

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